I Have So Many Ideas - Tanja de Bie van LeeuwenWe all have so many ideas.

It’s what you do with all these ideas that matters! I create tools to help you with these challenges. Like the BetterJournaling® suite.

If I can do it, so can you!

You know, I once suffered from having too many ideas. It kept me from reaching my goals because I was so distracted by every new idea in my head. All I had to show for it, was a pile of project-beginnings and nothing tangible. That all changed though…

The answer lies in journaling

I realized journaling was a very important action a person can take to improve themselves: their believes, actions and productivity. But no planner or journal was good enough for me. I ended up customizing my notebooks by hand and it dawned on me that I should create and publish my own journal, it’s available to buy at BetterJournaling.com/shop

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5 Ways you can Fight Back Against Procrastination

5 Ways you can Fight Back Against Procrastination

Last week I wrote about procrastination and how it is interlinked to your ability to withstand discomfort or the potential of failure. I let you in on my own personal battle with my inability to sit through discomfort, which has led to a pile of unfinished...

Procrastination – is it a fear of failure? 

Procrastination – is it a fear of failure? 

Why do we feel the need to procrastinate or postpone tasks? I believe it has a lot to do with the complexity of the task at hand, and the scale of ‘comfort’ that we have about it. Especially if it's taking us outside of our usual comfort zone. In general terms, I have...

Get yourself an Accountability Partner

Get yourself an Accountability Partner

Let's talk about accountability: keeping our own promises. In one of my last articles, I wrote about taking ownership; not being a ‘passenger’ on board the train of your life or your business, but taking full control and ownership of any situation you find yourself...

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Designed to focus on daily tasks

The 13-week Journal is the first product of the BetterJournaling suite: tooling to help with clarity, focus and productivity through journaling.


What I do with all my ideas? Take a backseat to my side-project: BetterJournaling® I will share my learnings, my wins and my tools like this free template from the 13-week journal. Get started today!