We all have so many ideas.

It’s what you do with all these ideas that matters! I am creating tooling to help you with these challenges. Like the BetterJournaling® suite.

  • Helping you avoid distraction by shiny new ideas.
  • Organize and direct your fast-thinking mind toward the right action-plan now.
  • Choosing the right idea to get started (and stick with it!).

If I can do it, so can you!

You know, I once suffered from having too many ideas. It kept me from reaching my goals because I was so distracted by every new idea in my head. All I had to show for it, was a pile of project-beginnings and nothing tangible. This intriqued me, why do we get stuck and abandon the ideas we at first loved so much? Are some people just not ‘suitable‘ or others ‘lucky’? I refused to believe that and studied succesfull people, my own behavior and of those around me to find they answers.

It turns out it is not rocket-science. A few simple measures, persistance and discipline.

The answer lies in journaling

I realized journaling was the single most important thing a person can do to improve themselves: their believes, actions and productivity. But no planner or journal was good enough for me. I ended up customizing my Moleskines and it dawned on me that I should create and publish my own journal with a supporting mobile app and website. The journal is already available: Day by Day a 13-week journal by BetterJournaling®.

Latest blogposts

Super Savvy Organiser Corrected…

Super Savvy Organiser Corrected…

Hi, I'm Sian; and I am Tanja's virtual assistant.  As a super savvy organiser, with a love of Trello, I thought I had it all worked out…  But, that was before Tanja sent me a copy prototype of the Day by Day; 13 week journal! I have used the journal for just two weeks...

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Celebrate your wins!

Celebrate your wins!

Every time I start a week review, I ask myself; "what are my 'wins' this week?". It will likely seem like a weird question to ask yourself, especially if you are unfamiliar with celebrating your wins. A while ago, my coach asked me about my recent successes; "what is...

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Why you need a task backlog

Why you need a task backlog

One big reason most existing journals just do not work for me, is the fact that they make you figure out your daily tasks in the morning.  This means that you are having to use some of your seriously precious brainpower for decision making; when you should actually be...

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Tools and resources (more)

Idea Journal

5 steps to idea extraction

Don’t keep ideas locked up in your mind. In case you get stuck or distracted, use the Idea Journal to capture and organize your stream of ideas.

Idea evaluation matrix

Do or delegate?

Is your Idea Journal full with ideas, but you don’t know where to start? Overcome idea-overflow and discover that one idea that will take you to the moon.

You don’t have to miss a thing.

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