About having so many ideas

Don’t you just love that spark and the feeling of a new idea forming in your mind? But where do ideas go after they’ve announced themselves? Do they float around and nag you from time to time, keeping your head full and your mind occupied. Or do you have a safe place for them to settle?

What would you do…

If you knew that you’d succeed. If money wasn’t an issue. If you had all the time in the world? What would you be doing right now?

Do you know what steps to take to get there? If not, I might be able to help you because I’ve been there. I’ve had too many ideas buzzing in my head and it was driving me nuts. It resulted in a lot of procrastination and stagnation, worse even feeling stuck and depressed. It was the worse mental state to be in, believe me. Don’t settle for that, you can do more, be more, have more, learn more and grow more. And that my friend, that is an awesome mental state to be in. Contact me today to get you in the right mental state too! Today!

Get me in the awesome state of mind!

About me

I once experienced an overflow of ideas; the problem was that most of them were not captured. Instead, they were left to gather dust in the recesses of my mind. From time to time they would resurface, urging me to take action. I’ve tried and failed many times to execute my ideas; in fact, so many times to the point that I didn’t believe I had what it took to execute them. I actually started to hate having new ideas. After all, they reminded me of not being able to execute, of being stuck in the status quo and having to settle with mediocrity. This didn’t stop my mind from generating new ideas; my thoughts and pattern of thinking became very disorganized, like the house of a hoarder.

“…my thoughts and pattern of thinking became very disorganized, like the house of a hoarder…”

To make a long story short, the prospect of parenthood urged me to change. The announcement of our twin girls motivated me to grow and I found my zone of genius: solving problems and having so many ideas to do so. The stars aligned and a rainbow emerged from the clouds; it was truly magical. With this site I will help you manage your stream of ideas, and focus on the good ones… the awesome ones that will take you to the moon.

A vow never to have “no idea…”

I was not always teeming with ideas. Recently I mentioned to my mentor, Sun, that when I was little I wanted to become an astronaut. When she asked what happened… I realized that at the time I had no idea that girls could become astronauts. This realization shocked me to my core and I vowed that my kids would never have “no idea…” and that I’d help others with too many or too little ideas.

Tanja de Bie - van Leeuwen

Tanja de Bie - van Leeuwen

Problem solver

Deep thinker and problem solver, that’s my unique ability. Taking a step back or ask questions, seeing the big picture and connecting the dots. Having so many ideas is crucial to finding the right solutions or new insights to new problems.

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