Idea #001: “Platform to create and monetize Mastermind groups”

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Idea #001: “Platform to create and monetize Mastermind groups”

The problem

Key to running a business, is surrounding yourself with smart, likeminded people, preferably more successful than you are. Finding the right group for you to thrive can be difficult.

Starting and maintaining a mastermind group, on the other hand, is a lot of work. You’ll need to find the right tools that will work for all participants. Tools that will generate the right group dynamic, and will benefit the users – at the same time allow you to monetize your efforts.

End-user benefits (the group participants).

  • Challenge yourself, find accountability and support. Specific knowledge, multitude of resources and perspectives and new business ideas.
  • Find and join quality mastermind groups or study groups, lead and curated by the best in the field.
  • Personal (kpi) dashboard to keep track of schedule, goals, progress, actions defined in mastermind-talks.

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You’re free to use this idea for your next online business, my only request is you credit me for the initial idea if you do, for instance:

“This online business is build upon an idea by Tanja de Bie –

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