What side-projects can teach you

by | 28 March 2017 | Articles

What I have noticed is that most of us have a lot of ideas and a passion for completing a side project; but, we just don’t know how or where to start. The first thing you need to figure out: why you want to do this side project?  What is your desired outcome? Define your definition of ‘done’.

Where to start?

Do you want to create art for the sake of creative exploration? Do you want to create and sell art? Do you want to create and sell another product or service? Knowing what your definition of ‘done’ is; and, why you want to get it ‘done’ will fuel your daily motivation.

To make it easier on yourself, define the definition of done for a minimal value product. Don’t overstretch yourself with all your crazy and wonderful ideas: just be smart and reduce it right to the core.

For BetterJournaling® the core is journaling and productivity. The core is the ability to translate your big goals into bite-sized tasks: planning, reviewing and reflecting – to get the job done.

How to find the time

Even if you knew exactly what it is you want to make and why you want to build that specific thing… 9 out of 10 projects fail because of poor time-management. Don’t bother with the old line, “I don’t have time” – excuse! Give yourself the credit you deserve, and ask yourself, “how can I find the time to do this?” – that sounds so much better, doesn’t it?!.

Assess how you spend your time daily. Keep a track for just one week and be brutally honest. A plugin like Rescuetime can help you with that.

  • What do you spend time on that is either delivering health, profit or growth? How much time?
  • Where do you waste your time on? How much time?
  • How much time do you spend sleeping, eating, buying groceries, cooking etc?
  • How much time is left?
  • Where can you find time to work on your side project? How much have you found yourself with?

About doing side-projects

What side projects can teach you

Side projects can help you manage and reclaim your time. You get to explore your creativity and learn new skills in the process. Some side projects may very well lead to adding financial value to your business – perhaps even passive income! Different side projects may lead to a wider network, which add value to a group or community that might not completely fit with your work for other clients – this could lead to an extended niche for you.

In all cases, side projects say something about you… About your grit and hustle. About your determination, discipline, interests and passions. Even if you reclaim 1 hour a day per week, that gives you 7 hours to work on your side project (!). You and I both know that you can do a LOT with 7 hours. Imagine what 32 hours a month will give you; or, 384 hours a year…

Don’t say you don’t have time again! Reclaim your time: stop planning and start doing. Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!

Free quick guide to reclaim time from you busy schedule

About doing side-projects

Tried and tested methods to tracking unproductive time and how to break it down so you can start on your side-project today!

About doing side-projects

Free quick guide to reclaim time from you busy schedule

Tried and tested methods to tracking unproductive time and how to break it down so you can start on your side-project today!

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