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The art of the week-review (and a free template)

door | 5 januari 2017 | Articles, Howto

We all know we should do a week-review, right? Looking over the past week and see what we’ve done right and what we’ve could have done better. We’ve read about the benefits of reflection and learning from our mistakes. Yet, in most cases we skip the review as soon as our schedule fills up and we need an extra time block to get stuff done.
So let’s not discuss reasons why to do reviews but agree to make doing a review a “non negotiable” in our schedule. How often and when do we have to do a review? Every week! That makes 52 reviews a year, one at each week-end. It’s that simple!
52 reviews a year, 60 minutes per week. Is it the end of the month? Take a step back and review the month as a whole and plan the next month. Do the same at the end of each quarter and certainly and the end of the year.


Free week-review and monthly planner -templates

To keep yourself sane; use a template for your review. I’ve set a weekly-review template up using, you are free to copy and use it. There is a monthly planning template to help you review and plan every month.

This monthly planning document uses the year goals you have planned for 2017 (because you did, right?!?!) and the vision you have set for your life (because you do have a vision for your life, right?!?!).

Thanks for reading, you are awesome. I hope you know that!