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Best hack for more happiness in life

door | 15 december 2016 | Articles

Buddhists believe that friction in our life causes suffering; and suffering leads to unhappiness (yes Yoda, it does). Friction is everything we reject. Things we don’t like, don’t appreciate, or are frustrated about. Like waiting in line, stuff that breaks, being sick or hurt; and all the annoying little things other people do that drive us nuts. It’s all friction. And it’s all causing us to feel unhappy.

“Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions.”
– Dalai Lama

The practice of accepting ‘what is’ is very demanding and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to endure. It might be the only way to reach enlightenment, it’s not the only way to feeling more happy in your life. There is one tiny thing you can do, that’ll instantly brighten your life and creates happiness. Guaranteed!

The daily practice of gratitude

I’ll tell you a short story about myself. For the largest part of my life I have been unhappy and depressed, though most of the time I didn’t realize it. I thought it was ‘normal’ to feel that way.  I came to realize that it wasn’t normal to feel out of place most of the time:  feelings of not belonging, being very insecure and doing my utmost to “disappear in crowds”, never “standing out”.
I started with the Buddhist (zen) practice; and it helped me through the toughest time, healing myself. But, it wasn’t until I put the practice of gratitude into a daily routine, that I understood what it was to feel true happiness. I can now honestly say, that most of the time, I feel like the happiest person alive!

More happiness in life

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
– Mahatma Ghandi

What happened?  My partner fell pregnant and the prospect of becoming a parent elevated my spirits to a whole new level.
Every day since that pregnancy test, until now, I feel I have a lot of blessings to count!  So, that’s what I do: I count my blessings.
Counting your blessings is a practice of gratitude and there are different ways to practice gratitude. For me it’s journaling and a night routine. Every night when I turn of the light and my head hits the pillow, I physically smile and think of all the things in my life I feel grateful for, letting the feelings of gratitude wash over me. All it takes is a few minutes and I’ve drifted off with a smile on my face and not a worry on my mind.

Take pictures of memories to swipe through later

“Swipe yourself happy”-hack

There’s it one other fantastic hack I can recommend. I take pictures of my kids almost every day, with my iPhone. I regularly review the photos and ‘fave‘ the ones that make me smile. When I’m away from home, or had a busy day and my mind needs some time to shut down, I take the ‘favorites‘ folder and swipe through all my favorite pictures… As a result my heart literally sings as I fall asleep.
If you don’t have kids, you can fave pictures from your cats or other pets. Great moments with friends or special memories from vacations. Moments that that put a smile on your face.
Swipe through them every night and I dare you not to smile and to feel a lot happier that you did before. Do it every day and it will reprogram your default feeling, leading you to more happiness in your life!
It’s easily said, but it’s also easily done. Just swipe yourself happier with your own memories.
Thank you for reading, you are awesome. I hope you know that!

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