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Celebrate your wins!

door | 16 februari 2017 | Articles, BetterJournaling

Every time I start a week review, I ask myself; “what are my ‘wins’ this week?”. It will likely seem like a weird question to ask yourself, especially if you are unfamiliar with celebrating your wins.
A while ago, my coach asked me about my recent successes; “what is your most recent success?” she asked. My mind went blank. Partly because I was so hard on myself… Nothing I had completed was good enough to be qualified as a ‘success’ (in my mind); particularly as I could find a flaw in just about anything I had ever done or accomplished.

A first attempt to celebrate

Her advice was to start a ‘success journal’. To write down every single moment of success. Start with birth (“consider being born a success” she said) and work your way to the present.
The success journal didn’t work for me… This was for so many reasons, but most importantly because it doesn’t work to rehash the past. If it didn’t make you proud back then, it’s unlikely you’ll recognise it as a win now! I needed to change the way I looked at success, and I needed to start celebrating my wins.

What are my top 3 ‘wins’ this… day/week?

In the 13-week journal, I make a distinction between a daily reflection “what made today memorable”, and a weekly reflection “what are my top 3 ‘wins’ this week”. Though the answer can be very different, the result is similar: to remind you of all good things in your life.

The prototypes of the 13-week journal have arrived!
Your self-confidence WILL grow, especially by listing your weekly accomplishments. When you are able to see with your own eyes what you’ve accomplished, it changes your mindset. You will start to believe in your abilities, and your comfort-zone will stretch. “Failing” will not sound like the worst thing in the world when you view the learning as a win. As a result, you will have more ‘wins’ to celebrate, and you will feel better about yourself. How about a double win like that?!

Celebrating  my ‘wins’ with you

I had my share of successes over the past few weeks, here are a few from my list:

  • Hiring a virtual assistant and learning to delegate effectively within two months (can’t do without her anymore)
  • Finishing the design of the 13-week journal within three weeks time, had the prototype in my hands by week 4.
  • Receiving my very own 13-week journal prototype to work with
  • Positive feedback from 13-week journal prototype testers and photo’s on social media
  • SALES of the 13-week journal
  • Contacting potential partners for future BetterJournaling® products (big win for an introvert like me)
  • Planned two cycling weekends with my riding buddy for this year
  • Registered the brand BetterJournaling®

To celebrate one of my wins with you, here are a few 13-week journal sightings that I caught on social media. As you can imagine, those photo’s put a big smile on my face!

13-week journal in the wild!
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that right?!

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