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Darken the page, best advice for rookie journalers

door | 7 februari 2017 | Articles, BetterJournaling

Journaling should be a part of your daily routine. The 13-week journal allows you two moments of specific journaling time each day. The first moment should be in the morning. Before you do anything else. Before you check your email, your social media streams. And, especially before you start your work!
It shouldn’t take long, though you can take as much time as you please. Just start with 5 to 15 minutes – you surely have 5 to 15 minutes, right? Set your alarm a bit earlier if you have to; trust me it’s worth it!
IHSMI- Darken the page, doodle if you have to

My advice?

Never overthink the writing. Does an empty page scream at you?  Scream for you to put the perfect thoughts in writing? Scream right back at that page; in writing!
Just put pen to paper and start writing. Write rubbish, even doodle if you have too, but get something on paper.
Get the pen moving, darken the page!
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!

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