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I always have to grin when I hear someone say “…I have so many ideas!”... Not only because that is the name of my business, but because that rings true for me too. Having so many ideas… But, it’s not how many ideas you have, it’s what you DO with them that matters.

What do you do with all of your ideas?

  • Do you keep them in your head?
  • Do you write them down in a notebook, only to forget about them?
  • Or maybe you don’t have any ideas at all?

At first, I planned to write a post just about this subject; on how to manage ideas, and how to find that GREAT idea that suits you best to execute. It was kind of elaborate! So instead, I decided to write about one of these “challenges”. In 5 days (yes, 5 days), I will take you from “having so many ideas” to “finding your passion and unique talent“; learn you how to “pick and stick” with an idea, so that by day 5 you are ready to ‘get it done’ in one 13-week sprint!
I could have taken it further, to turn it into a 13 week challenge I guess (hahaha); but, let’s start small – better ‘done’ than ‘perfect’, right? Sound interesting? Join me here:
It’s FREE! For me, this is an AMAZING learning experience, especially as I get the opportunity to teach this type of information to others. I mean, what is better than to have others benefit from your mistakes? We have to stick together! I’ve got your back, remember? I hope you will all join as my ‘students’… Just don’t forget to bring your friends too!
Thanks for reading, you ARE amazing. But you know that by now, right?!

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