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Giving the 13-week journal away gave me this massive insight…

door | 28 februari 2017 | Articles, BetterJournaling

A few weeks ago a box of 13-week journals arrived and they are all gone already. But I sold none of them. I gave them all away.
One of them I tried to give to my UX buddy Dimitri. We had discussed accountability and scalability before; and I was eager to show off the fruits of my labour. I knew that he had ideas too and I wondered if he’d be interested in the 13-week journal to get going with those ideas of his…  So, I asked if he wanted one. His response fascinated me, “I’d love to accept, but it would mean something…”.

“I’d love to accept, but it would mean something… I couldn’t just accept it and not use it, I’d have to use it. I’d have to start working on my idea and get that ball rolling…”.

He was on to something. A journal like Day by Day, is clear-cut to those that already know what their goals are, but could use a daily guide to plan doing the right things. But, if you do not have goals set, if you have many ideas but just don’t know where to start, a journal like this might be daunting.  It will stare you in the face daily, asking you if you’ve done what you said you would do. It’s an accountability partner who knows what your goals are and intends to keep you on track.

The gift of doing

What better place to start your entrepreneurial journey than with the 13-week journal as your accountability partner. I told Dimitri the journal was a gift, the gift of doing. Because, that’s ALL there is to it. You may have dreams.  Perhaps even concrete goals… A Plan… A great idea…  But – you have to do it. “Just f***ing do it” my coach would say. What better gift can you give yourself, but the gift of doing?

OK… let’s just f***ing do it!

I would love to give all of you the gift of doing!
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