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hardcover Yea or Nay?

door | 16 maart 2017 | 1yearchallenge, BetterJournaling

Using Day by Day; the 13 Week Journal is so much fun for me, especially as it is my very own production. It makes me proud, and reminds me daily of my focus, abilities and perseverance!

As a passionate user of notebooks, in all shapes, sizes and sorts; I have a specific taste of what a good notebook has to look and feel like. Knowing that would be a bit too far fetched, I decided to go with the first available option to “move before I was ready”. A quote one of my mentors, Michael Pilarczyk always uses. I’ve already touched on this subject in a previous post.

Why a softcover

Choosing a softcover was a deliberate action for me. It bends, and I can stuff it into my pocket. It fits into any bag, and I can fold the cover whilst I am writing. Any other notebook I use also has a soft cover because of these reasons. The fact that it ‘wears and tears’ easily; and looks “economic”, is also a bonus to me… I’m not worried about messing it up. I am not scared of it or of ruining it, the journal is inviting to add value to it. Besides that, the journal is meant to be temporary. To help you out for 13 weeks, and then you move on to the next. No need to be “neat”, or worry about messing it up – please, do mess it up! By all means, don’t keep it neat, use it and darken its pages.

That said, there is just one problem with the softcover of the current 13 Week Journal: it looks like a book. Not like a notebook.

As you may know, there is a bit plan for version 3 this summer.  This will be the time when all prototype testers have had the chance to use the journal for 13 weeks. Their feedback will be invaluable, as it will result in an improved design of the journal… and, a gorgeous notebook-ish design too! Just promise me that you will fill it up and make a great mess of it – don’t EVER leave a pretty notebook to sit idle in your closet. Promise?!

Hardcover: Yea or Nay?

But, that’s still at least two months away; and, we are making a mid-term design improvement anyway, so I figured: why not try a hardcover? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media. Your input is invaluable and necessary as I am trying to make this journal right for you. So, tell me, hardcover: Yea or Nay?

Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!

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