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Some say you must “eat the frog” at the start of the day. Do the hardest, or most undesirable task first; because you are unlikely to do it later. This takes a lot of willpower and determination, to be ‘eating frogs for breakfast’ every day…
How do you even spot the frog? It’s simple… the task that persuades you to do ‘everything but’ that task. For me, as soon as I find myself “command+tab to Safari”, instead of sitting down and finishing a task – I know it’s a frog.
I tell myself I need the distraction to “think”. And in some cases, freeing my mind to think does help… But, in all fairness, what would REALLY help would be going outside into nature, free from distraction. That would help me think.
But no… I’m usually too ‘busy’ to do that. Busy with everything Safari and fast WiFi will allow me to do! It has become a habit of mine… every time I need to think, even for just a minute, my hand reaches for “command+tab”… I find if fascinating, how fast that behaviour was learned; and, how hard it is to unlearn!

Cute panda’s are like crack…

I know that it has everything to do with the “reward” hormone, dopamine; that gets released every time we find something pleasurable: a new email…. a new like… a fantastic deal on a pair of shoes… maybe even a cute panda…
Sorry cute pandas, but you are like crack to us, and a sure fire way on how to waste even more time!
Just a little hit of dopamine makes you scroll or click faster to the next hit. Pinterest, just like Facebook is one of THE best ways to waste time! It’s designed to give you regular hits of dopamine, with infinite scrolling – there’s NO END to the pleasure streak.

How to stop waisting time….

Aspiring frog-eaters like us should do just one thing… grow the F up. Yes – I’m sorry, this isn’t my usual ‘cheer-speak’, but… it’s the ONLY remedy; and it’s a MUCH-NEEDED reality check!
Grow up… Do the ‘hard stuff’… Do it the first time that it comes up… But, grow up in a way that you’ll do it, even if it’s 10pm, and that’s the ONLY time you get to write!
Guess what, it’s 10:09pm now; and this post is almost done – without a single “command+tab”. If I can do it, I know you can too! Sorry frogs, we’re coming for you!
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!

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