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Do you know why I end all my articles with “you are amazing, but you know that, right?!”? … Because I need you to believe in yourself… in your amazing talents… capability AND grit. I think that if I tell you often enough, you might start to believe just HOW amazing you are. Sometimes, we can be that needed best friend to everyone around us, but we forget (or do not believe it) about ourselves. We can be THE loudest cheerleader for others, but our self-talk is dark & twisted.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t… you are right.”
– Henry Ford

Quality of thoughts

The quality of your thoughts determines your actions; therefore, you NEED to believe you are capable to pursue both your biggest and wildest dreams. Making dreams come true is NOT reserved to ‘the select few’… Come on! That doesn’t even make sense, as we ARE made to shine!
We are all blessed with our own talents, whether you are aware of it or not, you WILL be able to find it, then you can put it to good use and realise your dreams. YOU CAN DO THIS… I know you can with all of my heart.
There are just 2 requirements:

  1. DREAM
  2. DO

Before you let your inner-voice (the “dark & twisted” one) have a say, be your own cheerleader – just for a moment. Stand in a ‘Superman’ pose or just sit up straight… put both of your feet firmly on the floor, push your shoulders back, and your chest forward. Now, repeat after me (using your inner-voice or out loud), and say, “I AM AMAZING! – say it as loudly as you dare!

Find the right voices

Fire “dark & twisted” from inner-voice duties! In fact, fire anyone in your circle of influence who doesn’t believe in you; or, tries to talk you into negative self-thoughts (which always leads to self-doubt)… Don’t hang with them for a while, or not at all. That’s up to you.
Just know that the way people talk to you influences your inner-voice. If everyone wants you to be sensible, to play it safe, to stay the way you are… Than that is what will happen.
Your inner-voice will conspire with your ‘doubters’, influencing your ability to act and overrule ALL your willpower to change the status quo!
If you believe that:

  • you’re happy the way you are right now
  • that you’ve tried everything before and it didn’t work out
  • that you don’t need more money
  • that you don’t have time and you can’t risk your current income
  • that you don’t have energy and need to be sensible.

You know what I say? I don’t believe that!

You might need a change of perspective

I have experienced ALL of these limited thoughts, maybe even more – we should compare notes! After being depressed for many years, I found out that I needed a change of perspective in order to ‘see’.
With negative inner-voices and self-doubt, your perspective is VERY narrow. It’s like a small fixed-point flashlight that only illuminates one TINY area of the whole; but… you believe it to be the whole.
Turn on that light! It’s time to see the whole realm of possibilities around you, and you’ll see what is left to discover. I don’t want you to feel bad. This is a good thing! You are destined for greatness! You are amazing, remember?!

Your personal cheerleader

If you don’t know how, don’t worry. There are so many great teachers, inspirational books and people to connect with out there, and they can help you. If you choose to surround yourself with all the ‘right people, you can be ALL that you desire. And, as your own personal cheerleader, I am more than happy to help you… With the 5-day #IDEACHALLENGE.
The 5-day idea challenge will help you both dream and to do! Find your passion… That great idea to pursue… And, the tools to get it ‘done’.
I keep saying, it’s not rocket science, and it isn’t! All it takes is for you to trust yourself, to be able to dream, and (of course) to do.
Thanks for reading, you ARE amazing. But you know that by now, right?!

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