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The problem

Scheduling meetings when all participants come from different locations is a hassle. How do you sync calendars and find the right location that is easy to reach for all? Let people determine their availability, ways of transportation and duration and let the schedule-assistant calculate the ideal time&place for your meeting.

End-user benefits.

No more email-overload to try and accommodate everyone attending. Safe settings for next time and save even more time (and frustration)!

The solution

For meeting organizers

  • Input participants,
  • Set preferences:
    • Budget (or state that there is none)
    • Your own availability, or sync with your calendar,
    • Your travel preferences:
      • max. duration,
      • the means (car, public transport, bicycle, skateboard, whatever)
      • hours in between you are willing to travel.
  • Let the participants do the same and the schedule-assistant seeks the perfect date and location.
  • Set up preferences once and save on scheduling every time, or manage multiple settings.

For participants

  • Set your own preferences,
  • Don’t stress about tight schedules and making concessions, there’s always a way and the schedule-assistant will find it,
  • Initiate your own meetings with the same settings, or manage multiple settings.
  • Keep the car parked more often, ask if the schedule-assistant can find you a location on cycling distance!