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Introducing the 1 year challenge

door | 8 november 2016 | 1yearchallenge, ideas

Summary: I will be hosting an event on januari 5th 2018 with 8 speakers who will dedicate 2017 to do something remarkable on a personal, business or social level. Will you be there or will you be on the podium with me?
This post is a short recap of the past year and a preview of what’s to come: the 1 year challenge. What a recap already? Yes, because last week (november 4th) I celebrated my 1 year anniversary as a (twin)-mom. And what a year it has been. Everything went out of the window, only these two little ladies mattered and I put my ambitions a bit on hold. A conscious choice made with all my heart and so far it’s been fantastic, they are well spirited, happy and healthy.
And now the routine is developing in a way that allows some “me”-time again, I’m eager to get back on track. I have been working of the idea for “the better journaling app” and I am starting to feel confident that this is the concept I want to send my focus and attention to. This idea has been on my mind ever since I’ve started this journey and I’ve been putting it aside because it is a huge undertaking. This is not just a side project, this is the project.
But because it’s so sizable and complex that I cannot do this as a solepreneur, it’s been holding me back so far, but I have been working on the concept and creating a vision for it. This project is the result of many years of research on why some people get things done and why others just collect “project beginnings” (and don’t get much done).
the 1 year challenge

The 1 year challenge…

Recently I read the official “TED talks” book by Chris Anderson and he spoke about a habit within his organization of allowing people time to learn or explore something new during work hours. But the thing was, this wasn’t a “no strings attached”-kind of deal. Once a year they’d offer a podium, to do a TED talk about the learnings from the past year. So you’d have a big reason to have something interesting to say at the end of the year.
This prompted an idea: the 1 year challenge. What could I accomplish in a year and what would I present at the end of that year? This is my starting point, januari 1st my “1 year challenge” is starting and januari 5th 2018 I am hosting an event for all of you to attent where I will present my year and the results of that year. I promise they will be spectacular!
My aim is to have 7 people join me that day to present their year, are you game? I will be your buddy and guide you through the year to make sure all 8 of us have an awesome story to share on januari 5th 2018.
Update: 6 spots left for the “1 year challenge, 1-1-2017 to 5-1-2018”.

1 year challenge (1-1-2017 to 5-1-2018)

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