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We’re almost halfway through 2017, so it’s time for a check in on the #1yearchallenge and a review of the past 6 months. These are the two biggest things I have learnt; so you can take these away and don’t make the same mistakes…


In looking back there are several highlights that I consider wins or learning – like delegating to my VA Sian; or, keeping focus and not being distracted by every new idea – come to think of it, that is a HUGE win for me, because I can’t remember that I ever managed to pull that off with my own ideas. Especially when things get tough, like production issues or time-management hiccups. I think that a lot of people will agree that it’s easy to get distracted or seek distraction when things get tough: we find another idea to start anew or we get busy with a endless shopping spree online instead of muddling though the hard part to get back on track!
Needless to say: I stayed on track! Not necessarily with the results I’ve been hoping for, but perhaps I was overly ambitious. I’ve also learnt that there’s a time to plant and a time to harvest – right now I’m still busy with the planting and nurturing the crops. Harvesting is a long way to go and I needed to learn that too. Patience, but not giving up, keep a steady pace and TRUST the outcome.

Two major things stood out though…

  1. doing periodical reviews (I know it’s my ’thing’, but the results are amazing)
  2. taking ownership (and be empowered as a result)

Do reviews

When you complete a weekly review, you get the victories and learnings on a smaller scale, when you expand your review to a month, quarter year or half year you get insights into patterns… These are golden insights!
If you don’t complete reviews at all, you are robbing yourself of growth by learning from your mistakes or failures.
Reviewing your victories is great for your self-esteem, counting all your weekly wins and seeing the bigger picture of your accomplishments over weeks, months and eventually years will create changes in your behaviour. You will start to believe in your own potential – that anything is possible, and you will no longer second guess yourself.
I know it is custom to do weekly reviews because it enhances your productivity, but don’t disregard your personal growth aspect! I think it’s much more important, because when you see your progress, learn from errors and have more self-esteem, your productivity will increase anyway: you will have the motivation and determination to persist and succeed!


Have you considered whether or not you take ownership of your situation? I’m pointing at most almost any aspect of your business or personal life: the good, the bad and yes, the ugly. When these things happen, as they inevitably do, have you taken ownership for it?

If you don’t take ownership, you can actually feel, or sometimes see, that things ‘just happen to you’;and, you are just a passenger or worse… a victim…

Taking ownership means that you are wholeheartedly accepting what happens as a result of your thought patterns, actions or inactions. This is not a lecture of taking responsibility, it’s reminding you to take ownership for what you did to get to a certain point. Taking ownership of all the smart choices you made. Or, maybe of the errors in judgement that may appear to have been incredible failures, but in the end taught you something. Taking ownership of the fact that YOU made progress happen… guess what happens then…
… you start to feel empowered beyond believe! Trust me! Your decision making improves dramatically, you no longer worry so much about what people may think of you – you think of what you may think of you. And you will do yourself proud!

Don’t feel entitled… take ownership in stead

I’ll give you an example of this… A few months ago I ordered a batch of hardcover Day by Day journals. It was with a reputable printer and they sent me a copy for proofing… but a softcover. Amidst my decision making, I decided to go hardcover with a bookmark. I didn’t ask for a proof of the hardcover edition with bookmark; and ended up with a 100 journals where the cover fell off the inner-book. That made me pretty sick to my stomach. Some had already been dispatched to customers and other customers I had to put on hold… Had I taken proper ownership, I wouldn’t have assumed anything, but perhaps visited the factory to see how it was made to be sure I had the right product – a product I could be proud to ship to customers. Perhaps I felt entitled of a quality product?
And I think a lot of us have that problem, of feeling entitled to some outcome, but not taking ownership and making a certain outcome happen.
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!