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Why one year? (and other questions)

door | 15 november 2016 | 1yearchallenge, ideas

Yes, one year is a big commitment, but I have learned that to make or do something that creates impact takes time. I’ve done a lot of side-projects to learn that side-projects ask little mental and physical commitment: no harm done if you fail, but nice if you succeed. That is why I have a pile of side-project beginnings and nothing big to show for it (other that what I’ve learned working on them).
To get past the ‘side-project’-ism I need to change my intention. Because I don’t want to make something fleeting but something that lasts and creates impact, I need a vision for that and time to realize it. Knowing that I have a full client load at the moment and two young kids, I know I need to make it work with a lot of short bursts of time. Taking a couple of weeks or months off to work on it dedicated… it’s not gonna happen any time soon. And you know what, I know this is true for a lot of you, you have stuff going on, that’s just life. Doesn’t mean you have to pass on wonderful opportunities to build something, like I am going to do.
I like the idea of doing sprints and having review and planning moments, so I figured the following:

  • Start with a vision
  • The 1 year challenge, the 1 big goal.
  • Four “90 day” cycles
  • Milestones for every cycle, month and week
  • Planning: plan every month ahead to know what needs to be done each week, to know what needs to be done on every day
  • Review every week-end and “90 day”-cycle end
  • Daily journaling (reflection and planning of tasks)

What are you looking for in these 7 other people?

It’s been said by Jim Rohn that “You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With”… so who do you think we want to hang out with this upcoming year? Smart, determined people who seek growth and share freely and passionately everything and everyone they know.

  • And those that are a bit crazy. It’s a big thing we are going to undertake, it’s might not be for everyone.
  • Those with a passion, an idea or a deep calling.
  • People who love the idea of getting on stage (being a bit scared is okay) and know that an audience is just what they need to get more traction for their 1 year challenge result. We are inviting everyone that matters in your live, the press, investors, media and potential partners or employees. It’s a big stage, so you better have a big story.
  • People with willingness to participate in group communication with an open mind, open heart and open will (I learned that from Otto Scharming during my Theory U study). We will chat every 14 days and meetup every end of the 90-day cycle for those that live near each other (virtual attendance for others).
  • Share you progress and goals, obstacles and learnings and celebrate your wins.
  • People that are willing to be held accountable and will hold others accountable. We are partners in this.

So this is free?

Yeah, the first edition will be free. All I ask is feedback on the process and as a participant I will seek feedback on my 1 year challenge goal: the better journaling tools. Participants will get free and early access of course. The perks of those that dare to go first. It’s been debated wether or not a free program with a big live event and journaling along the way is enough pull to get the best stories on stage. Is that enough “skin” in the game for you? This we we discuss during the first meetings, we might come up with solutions on our on, which will make an interesting case study at the end of the year, right?

Do you have other questions? Shoot me an email right here.

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