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I recently had the pleasure of talking to Kelly Servis, the owner of Alchemic Creations; a brand strategy & design company. All I can say is, what an exceptionally vibrant and intelligent young lady!
Kelly started her career in PR: event planning and promotions for a local radio station. Kelly explained that as she had to create the graphics needed, she discovered her love for all things design.

Indigo child

After moving to Las Vegas (a big move from a small town to big city), opportunities came by the dozen. Kelly worked with big brands, like: Calvin Klein, The North Face and Patagonia; where she developed a huge passion for branding. She has now taken an entrepreneur path; where she not only designs, but coaches and is an avid sharer of her extensive knowledge!  Honestly, just follow Kelly on her social media platforms and you’ll be amazed by the amount free content she provides (including Tuesday Tutorials within her Facebook Group, The Creative Alchemists), all with passion and determination.
I love how Kelly discovered her niche after a strategy call with a client. She learned about the “indigo child” and something inside her connected. She was always very intuitive; at the age of 7 she predicted she’d be a successful entrepreneur!

The power of manifestation

At that age she had already harnessed the power of manifestation, something that has now been developed into a strength for her business as branding coach for spiritual and badass bosses: in Kelly’s own words, she is “helping spiritual bosses find their true core alignment between themselves, their brand, and their spirituality”.
I asked how she makes money, Kelly’s response? Designing, coaching and selling DIVI Child Themes. The next words out of Kelly’s mouth made me crack up…  “I have so many ideas”… I swear I should create an audio or video clip of everyone that says that single line!
Anyway, Kelly admitted she sometimes suffers a bit from having a lot of ideas, most of them are written down, but due to a loach of available time they patiently sit on paper to be executed.

Don’t try and do it all by yourself (it will limit you!)

I now understand why it was so vitally important that my own VA (Sian) stepped into the ‘time gap’ where she was able to take some of the work from Kelly’s hands, allowing her to concentrate on the work that she’s deeply passionate about: talking about branding, being able to sit down and design something new; and coaching her clients. Kelly points out that not getting help sooner is a big regret for her.
This is a catch 22 for many entrepreneurs. They want to make more money and grow their business; but can’t really afford to put a team in place around them to facilitate that growth. Many get stuck trying to do everything themselves, working hard in the hope they “make it” and can finally hire that dream team.
As Kelly points out, we’re not meant to wear all those hats. Come one! Let others own their expertise and you yours. Makes sense right? If you’re still on the fence about the support of a VA, you need to have a chat with our trusted VA Sian.
Another thing we talked about, was journaling and her daily routine. I can talk for hours on the subject and Kelly was kind enough to share hers.
She reads and journals on a daily basis; what I love the most? Kelly puts a post-it note on her mirror with a “quote of the day” to prime her mind for greatness. This bit is SUPER AMAZING! All negative thoughts are converted to a positive, in the present tense, and are then stuck to her mirror. When you add that listing together, you have around 50 thoughts of gratitude and manifestation! I think you can call Kelly a ‘black-belt mindset practitioner’. ‘Yes’ she said, ‘mindset is a daily practice. It’s like taking a shower, you’ve just gotta repeat it daily. There’s no easy way around it’.

“not a planner…”

Then she said something that struck me (as I’ve heard others say it many times), but Kelly seems to have a realistic perception. She said she’s “not a planner” and usually takes it as it goes. It’s something that comes with obvious downsides she acknowledges; but at the same time she’s quite resolute nowadays about this having to change. If you’re serious about your business, you gotta have a timeline! In some cases, it’s fine to just take inspired action as it comes to you, but a vision needs both time and a bit of planning. I think we can learn a lot from that mentality.

Find your tribe

That brings me to the final insight I got from my interview with Kelly. I asked how she deals with negative influences, of people advising her against her big vision and dreams. She said “it’s not for everyone… you got to have a thick skin and the grit to wait it out. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. You have to put in all you’ve got and give as much as you can. Something that will seem counterintuitive to the negative talkers in your circle. But stick to it.  Find your tribe, the people you’re destined to create a difference with, then add value for them!”.

My 3 take aways from my chat with Kelly:

  • Get help sooner! Don’t mess about for too long, you’lll limit your growth and get stuck doing things that are not your super-power. “Let others own their expertise and you yours.”
  • Convert negative thoughts to positive, which you turn spin to the present tense! This way you’ll improve your self-image which in turn helps you manifest your reality to match that image.
  • Find your tribe and share as much value as you can!


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You can find our amazing (😉) and trusted VA, Sian at: