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I had never met Theodora Voutsa (@voutsa and It was just pure luck that our paths crosses; and I’m grateful, because what followed was an inspiring and fascinating conversation.

What’s your background Theodora?

I’m Greek and I went to study in New York when I was 16 years old, where I graduated with a BFA in Acting and a BA in Production & Communication. I worked in theatres off of Broadway in New York and Los Angeles for a few years. As an actress, director and producer, I’ve developed the Los Angeles Method – which enabled me to direct the actors in my productions better.

Are you a born entrepreneur?

Theodora laughs…
… my father is an actor. He is actually quite famous in Greece and my mother is a very successful entrepreneur. My sisters are very successful too. In short, the expectations in my family are very high… It’s quite overwhelming. This was how I came to start life coaching – with the added desire to help myself. I studied “personal development” in Athens and learned a lot from Greek philosophy. Everything I discuss within my workshops, are all things that I’ve dealt with myself.

How do you keep yourself motivated and focused?

I make a point of reading an autobiography every month, by reading 5 to 10 hours a month, about people I admire and who inspire me. In addition to this, I participate in 3 mastermind groups. My starting point is ‘giving’. Everything in life comes with a duality: there is no hot without cold, and no left without right. Also, to be able to receive, you must give – by giving from your heart comes the ability to receive.

What is your advice for instance for freelancers or entrepreneurs wanting to expand their business?

My advice is to start with your WHY: why did you become a freelancer for example? Why did you want to become an entrepreneur? If you find that you are stuck in a solid pattern without growth, go back to your ‘why’. Don’t exhaust yourself with the HOW, but put your focus into your why. You will find that when you always ask yourself why, you will end up with an answer based on an emotion; and, emotions are the fuel we need to achieve our goals!
Returning to your ‘why’, allows you to reconfigure the map to your goal – compare it to roadworks: if you get stuck in roadworks, you don’t stand there until they are done; as this could take weeks or even month. What you do is find another route to reach your goal.

The two biggest points I take away from this conversation:

  1. Give: by giving from your heart comes the ability to receive.
  2. Know your ‘WHY’ so that you provide yourself with the ‘fuel’ to need to be able to achieve your goals.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Theodora on philosophy, duality and business; what an amazing combination of topics to be able to discuss! By the way, she offering a free training “Get Started”: How to write and direct the script of the life and business you want.

  1. Identifying your objective
  2. Finding the resources to achieve it
  3. Eliminating Obstacles
  4. Taking Action

Thank you for your time Theodora, you are amazing. And, thank you for reading; you are great. You know that right?!

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