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I’ve worked with these great companies and individuals:

“Tanja’s designs and ideas helped us reach the next level in user experience for making comparisons on She is communicative, to the point, creative and yet practical, sounding-board for colleague-designers and does it all with dedication and a good sense of humor.”

Jeroen van Eekelen

Sr. Manager Online Klantcontact , Zilveren Kruis

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Tanja and tap into her ability of cutting edge Forward Thinking. Tanja has the rare capacity of interactive listening and coming back with a visual story, making complex information easy to understand and use – delivering appealing usability.”

“If you struggle with multiple target audiences or distribute information to/from multiple websites or need a generic tool to share tips & tricks from multiple clients. Even if you struggle with multiple business ideas…. STOP! Book your Deep Thinking Strategy Session with Tanja de Bie.”

Sun Van denbrande

Business & Growth Designer, be Seen be Known

“Tanja is an amazing co-founder and entrepreneur. She keeps calm and focused when times are rough, but always keeping the vision in view. Her skills in product development in general, but even more in usabilityand targeting the right audience are over the top. She’s rolling up her sleeves to get things done even before it’s necessary. I’m very glad to count on her and work with such an experienced and kind person!”

Christoph Auer-Welsbach

IBM Watson Partner Innovation

“Tanja can be easily recognized as an on trend, smart and savvy professional. What’s harder to perceive on first sight but what inevitably becomes apparent after knowing Tanja de Bie for a while, is her dedication to the process, her immediate and almost uncanny understanding of new online, creative or economical concepts and her incredible patience in creating something that has quality and sustainability. Her skills and approach fully support and help realize the defined strategic targets. I take off my hat to her- this lady is in a league of her own.”

Annedien Hoen

Merkexpert, Merkloods