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We’re one month into the “1-year challenge”; and the first result is almost here.  I have just submitted the 13-week Journal to Blurb – a printing-on-demand service for self-publishing and expect the first issue to be in my hands within the next two weeks!

Announcing the BetterJournaling suite

The 13-week Journal is the first product of the BetterJournaling suite:  tooling to help with clarity, focus and productivity through journaling.  To help me with my “1-year challenge” I needed to find a better journal.  Nothing available sat right with me.  My biggest issues were having to think about my next actions every morning.  I wanted and needed a journal that reminded me to set goals, figure out what next actions to take in the upcoming week (or month) and then, plan ahead for those actions. I choose a cycle of 13-weeks for several reasons:

  • You can fit four journals in one year (hello “1-year challenge”)
  • It keeps individual journals compact to keep with you at all times
  • Allows you to start whenever you want, there’s no official start-date.  No reasons to postpone:  start at any time!
  • Just add journals when you have finished a 13-week-cycle.

The anatomy

The anatomy of each journal is the same…  Start with a vision and the goals of the current year (these are goals that get you closer to that one vision).  Once you have that written down, you are ready to start!  The 13-week Journal keeps you on track, with a schedule of:

  • Monthly planning (±1 hour)
  • Daily journaling (±5-15 minutes)
  • Weekly review & planning (± 30 – 60 minutes)

And, to finish off your cycle, a 13-week review at the end of each journal!
As I write this down, this may sound like a lot of work, but this schedule has kept me on track. I figured that if I didn’t have 5-15 minutes a day to just stop, think and write… then why would I bother all together?  In all honesty, these 5-15 minutes on a daily basis actually save me time!  There is no more staring at the ceiling wondering what I was going to do today; or wasting time on the internet while thinking about what I was going to do today – eventually discovering that I had been busy with that for most of the day…

We ♥ journaling

On February 14th, I will launch the 13-week Journal [excited much!]   Don’t miss it! Sign up for my newsletter where you will receive an exclusive offer – it is Valentine’s Day after all!  What better time to share my love of journaling with you?
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!