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Hi, I’m Sian; and I am Tanja’s virtual assistant.  As a super savvy organiser, with a love of Trello, I thought I had it all worked out…  But, that was before Tanja sent me a copy prototype of the Day by Day; 13 week journal!
I have used the journal for just two weeks (yes, two weeks), and have come to realise that using the journal has already really taught me to really focus on the direction I want my business to take.
I have always been someone that has to have a “plan”…  Have everything figured out on paper and words, before I put it into practice…
I ordinarily have a to-do list – with notes and bullet points of EVERYTHING I either need to think about during a day, or what I want to achieve in a specific week.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, “I better write that down now, so that I haven’t forgotten about it in the morning” – no more!
The 13 week journal has taught me to focus of a morning and an evening.  I sit in bed of a night, and think about what I have achieved during that day and start thinking about what I want to achieve the next day.  Then, the next morning, before I even get out of bed; I plan my day IN FULL.
I have now completed two week reviews and have been surprised with the results – I hadn’t realised that I had so many things to celebrate in my business and this has given me more confidence and conviction to continue!
The format of Day by Day, has allowed me to REALLY think about the direction I want to take in my business as a virtual assistant; and what I need to do to realise my overarching dreams, goals and vision.  The one big goal:  moving back to Spain and away from the UK this year!  I just need my business to be in a place that I can do it.
Earlier on, I wrote about my notebook that would sit on my bedside table for me to write things down in during the night.  Well, unfortunately for my poor tatty notebook, it has now been replaced by Day by Day (not so unfortunate for Day by Day though!).  I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night with ideas and thoughts that I need to write down there and then; as I’ve already figured it out all the night before – so, I’m also getting a better night’s sleep too!
I want to finish by saying; if you think you  already have it all figured out, and don’t need to really plan in this way, I would recommend that you think again – just saying 🙂

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