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Paper journals are definitely on the rise. Guided journals, just like the 13-week journal are becoming more popular. So, this begs the question – should you be journaling by paper and not with a keyboard?

Let’s face it: paper is not interactive, not intelligent; and you need to carry it with you all the time to make full use of it. Whereas websites or apps are interactive, intelligent and you can sync on all your devices – allowing you to have your system with you wherever you go.

So, why would you still bother with a paper journal?

Actually… how you journal is up to you. Writing, with pen and paper, forces you to slow down. To really connect with the words inside you, rephrase your thoughts and allow the answers deep inside of you to find their way onto paper without intervention of your inner-critic. Using the keyboard and typing would perhaps be faster. It would certainly help you keep up the habit of journaling as it is easier and more accessible. But… your device is also the gateway to distraction.
Paper lets you doodle or write and make a big mess, but you carry on anyway. A blinking cursor invites you to write perfectly: typos are immediately corrected; as you either you spot them yourself or your text app auto-corrects, or spots all the instances where you could improve the grammar or style. You’ll end up putting all of your focus on the flow of the words in a sentence, or the overall ‘correctness’ of your words; and less on what truth lies beneath them to be discovered while journaling.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s still my plan to create the BetterJournaling® site and app’s for you, but I think I know where me preference lies… I just love paper!
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. I hope you know that.