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A good friend of mine once said: “there is no such thing as the right time for anything“. And it’s true, if you are waiting for the right time to buy a house, change job, have kids, write a book, start a business (etc) you can wait a long time: in fact, you could be waiting forever!
Are you waiting for the right time? - I Have So Many Ideas
This isn’t just reserved for the big things in life; think about every chore that’s on your to-do list, that you’ve never gotten around to: cleaning the attic or garage; garden maintenance, painting the house or your fence… the list just goes on and on. Big and small things that can potentially improve your life. But, by postponing them now; you’re actually just postponing your life! Waiting until you have time, money or mental space to start doing… “now is not the right time…”. Recognise that?

So, when is a good time?

When is a good time in your mind? In my experience there’s always (!) something that comes up. If I have some free time on my hands: a fantastic job comes along, that’s just too awesome to turn down. When I have some extra money: the car breaks down. When I feel strong and fit, I catch the flu from one of my kids. When my head feels calm and clear… I think you get the picture – something will come up. It’s a force of nature that we just have to deal with. We all know this, because hardly anything ever comes easy and without effort. At least not the things that truly makes a difference in our lives.

I know reality, but…

And you know what: I have kids (twins), a partner, a full-time freelancing gig, a side-business and I workout 3 times a week. I can never say “when I have some free time….” because that just doesn’t exist for me! Every free minute is spend, on family time, exercise or my side business: and that is fine by me! I feel fit; because I workout.  Empowered; because I have a great side business; and relaxed: because I spend so much time with my wife and kids, doing fun stuff away from the computer. My side business relies on my determination to work on it daily: even small steps count! As long as there’s daily progress!
This is the reason the 13-week journal features questions about the daily events: progress and learning. You see even if you just take small steps like me, seeing progress being made or learning from failures just gives you such a sense of victory. it motivates you to stay on track: you learn to celebrate successes and count your blessings; so you’ll be an even happier person for it!
Thanks for reading, you are awesome. You know that, right?!