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I was lucky enough to be a part of the Road Tester group of Day by Day, so have been using the journal for quite some time; in fact, I’ve finished one journal and am now onto my second – it’s something that I keep with me pretty much ALL the time: and remains on my bedside table, as that’s where I complete my daily journaling.
But, what did I learn in my first 13-weeks? Did I stay on track? Have I achieved what I wanted to? Have I gotten closer to my one overarching vision and major goal for this year? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about it!

Writing or Typing?

I nearly used the words, “as a previous lover of Trello” here, don’t get me wrong, I still love Trello (!): Trello keeps me organised in a way that nothing else has (which for somebody with OCD is a big benefit); but I’ve come to realise that it wasn’t the right tool for me to be using for managing all my ideas and plans. I just wasn’t staying on target with Trello as it was just far too easy to change the date on a checklist, or move a card!
One of the things I’ve noticed, is that writing, as opposed to just typing, really makes me focus on my words; and as I’ve always found writing to be cathartic and therapeutic, I now get to do this twice a day when I’m journaling. Writing also means that I’ve marked the page in a way that can’t be ‘deleted’… I can’t take these words back: well, can cross through them, but that takes away from the natural flow of what I am writing. I’ve discovered that allowing myself to go with my intuition, by writing these ideas and plans down, has made me more productive – I’m allowing my own ‘first impressions’ for my vision to be a part of my daily and weekly planning, and so far, this hasn’t taken me off course!

Staying on track

When I journal of an evening, before I go to bed, I can reflect on the day that I have just completed and can write down anything that has been memorable: this can be little things, but I’ve also managed to write down some pretty big wins: things that are amazing to be able to go back, and remember that feeling of success. I also enjoy planning the day ahead of me, before I even get out of bed…This planning has led to my being much more focused on what I want to achieve in the day ahead of me, and has allowed me to become more productive.
So far, I am happy to say that I am more than on track for this year!
I had planned to launch my side business at the end of my first 13-weeks, as I didn’t think I would be ready before then… I managed to launch this 4-weeks early: yes, you just read that correctly, 4-weeks early! As I had everything in place, as I’d managed to stay on track, I launched earlier than planned – something which was a huge moment of celebration for me.
Don’t get me wrong, my VA biz will always be the biggest part of my business, as this gave me the freedom to move away from a corporate world that brought me to the point of a breakdown last year. The love the work I complete for my clients, and these women are the reason that even when life is rough (as it is health-wise right now), I can focus on their businesses; also knowing that there are there for me if I need a chat – especially Tanja, who has become somewhat of a rock for me.


So, what did I launch? My side-biz focuses on supporting both new and established VAs and OBMs, via Mentoring and Strategy Calls.  This all started with me wanting to set-up my own FB Group, where I could then offer the advice, guidance and support that I didn’t have when I was starting out… This was hugely important to me, and has been on my mind for some time. Being in the position of achieving this early was a huge buzz for me!
I’ve also moved closer to launching several of my side-projects… When you are a small business / entrepreneur, I’ve found that it’s massively important to have a passive income stream. Once all the initial work has been completed, this is something that you can just leave in the background to work for you.
When I first had these ideas partway through my first 13-weeks, it was something that I hadn’t ever expected somebody like me to even think of! I suppose hadn’t really seen myself as either a business woman or entrepreneur up until that point – then I realised something: I was. This gave me the determination I needed to reinvigorate myself and gave me the additional inspiration I needed to move forward with these ideas.
I am still working hard on my side-projects, but fully expect to be able to launch at least one of these within the next 6-weeks, with two others following at the end of this 13-week cycle.  What does that mean? Within 26-weeks, I will have achieved more for myself than I have in my entire career: everything I do now is for the benefit of me and my clients (both present and future); whereas previously, I was working solely for the benefit of others – something I consider to be my biggest achievement to-date!

My one overarching goal for this year

If any of you happened to read my previous article, Super Savvy Organiser Corrected, you may remember that my one overarching goal for this year is have my business in a place that I can move back to Spain.
I had to leave the home and village I loved in 2008, and move back to the UK, due to the economic crash. I have always dreamed of being able to return to the place I feel most at home, but just didn’t know how I was going to achieve it… There still isn’t a lot of work for somebody like me in Spain, where my career had been focused on the public sector: health and social care. My skill set just wasn’t particularly relevant in Spain.
The fact that I am now a business owner in my own right, with more ideas than I sometimes know what to do with, means that I will be in a position to achieve my biggest goal of all; my move back to Spain… It may take my the full 1-year to realise this completely, but I’m OK with that, as I know I’m moving closer to this on a weekly basis.
Oh, I think I should let you into a secret: would you like to know where I have written this? That’s right; Spain… Am I here permanently? No… But, I’m here for a period of 2-months – something that didn’t seem possible when I first started my journey with Day by Day!

Before I leave you all, I want to share one last thing with you: don’t give up on your ideas and vision – small daily, weekly and monthly goals can and will allow you to realise your vision. It may take you some time to get there, but if you allow yourself to break it down into easy to manage tasks, you can and will achieve what you set out to do.
All I would suggest is that you make a small investment: purchase your own copy of Day by Day. It’s an Accountability Partner like no other (one that doesn’t talk back to you either), because in reality, you are you own Accountability Partner: it is your own words within the journal that are moving you to take action.
As Tanja would say: Thanks for reading. You’re awesome. You know that right?!

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